Inside Afe Babalola’s world class hospital

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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By John Ogunlela

The latest 160-slice Toshiba CT Aquilion Prime dominates the radiology department of the Afe Babalola Multi system Hospital in Ado-Ekiti. It is the final word from Toshiba when it comes to CT-Scans and it is said to reduce radiation dose by as much as 75% for the benefit of the patience.

I have been hearing about this massive equipment and others that makes the Afe hospital one of the best equipped in the world.

CT Scan machine

After taking pictures of the building during an evening stroll on Sunday, I felt the need to also let people know that what is on the inside of the huge building is worth much more and definitely worth the protection of that huge structure. I sought and got an appointment with Baba Afe and told him people queried me if the equipment in his hospital match the building they have seen.

He smiled and asked his assistant to call Professor Esan, the Chief Medical Director and have me speak with him. Within minutes I was with the elderly prof and he detailed Dr Samuel Fayose to take me round. I was wrapped up in full surgery assistant suit, complete with a cap and shoe cover.

Dialysis machines

Even at that, we didn’t enter into the exceptionally sterile cardiology surgery where open heart operations are carried out and I only photographed it from the transparent window.

The surgery seemed tranquil and ready and in the room leading to it is this machine with something like a giant letter ‘C’. It is used to take precise measurements of aspects of the human heart. I don’t remember its name and I don’t  want to call Dr. Uvie, my lovely cardiologist aburo who performs some of these open heart surgeries to remind me the big name.

I saw two (yes, 2) new MRI scanners of 1.5 Tesla strength each, both of General Electric pedigree, along with two CT Scans. I know the bigger CT costs about half a million dollars without its accessories and crazy installation costs. There were the X-ray equipment – three in all, one mobile, the bone densitometer, the mammography room with its most modern scanners.

Dr Okoro and the lady assisting him were eager to assist me with explanations. On a screen where another doctor clicked away, I saw the image of a human spine seemingly being edited. Technicians, some of Indian origin hunched over these screens poring over images that had come from the big body scanners.

I counted 16 dialysis machines at nephrology where my love for good leather chairs made me pay particular attention to the sleek, ecru leather chairs. They have private wards in all the departments.

Dentistry on third floor has five fully equipped surgeries and a procedure was ongoing in one. Everything was there including a special X-ray machine which I requested a demo on.

An assistant placed her head inside its loop and presently, red laser beams mapped and framed her face. Those beams could be adjusted and once a fix is secured, all or part of the mandible bones and teeth can be photographed. The dental department has its own elaborate lab attached for making all those teeth prosthesis, those crowns and bridges.

I couldn’t go to the sprawling pharmacy, a building apart, which I am told is getting ready to commence drug production. Neither did I have time to see the ophthalmology and ENT.

People, if this type of a hospital exists in Nigeria as it does, I am proud to bring you word on it. Yes, a helipad is over there about a kilometre away from the hospital building for essential services.

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