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Professor evacuated from Wuhan provides glimpse at ‘quarantine’ life at CFB Trenton

An Ottawa professor staying at CFB Trenton after arriving from the epicentre of China’s coronavirus outbreak showed a glimpse of what life was like under quarantine.

Christopher Lan, an engineering professor at the University of Ottawa, started the first of his two weeks at the air force base with a few short videos.

He is among 213 evacuees from Wuhan — who were flown in on two separate planes Friday — that requested to be repatriated to Canada over the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Lan began by saying thanks to everyone involved in helping him evacuate, especially extending his appreciation to the Red Cross volunteers who were helping on-site.

“They have actually taken a personal risk to help us,” said Lan.

“I see they really have minimum protection. I really wish they have better protection because this stuff is really serious.”

Lan, who is seen wearing a face mask throughout the entirety of the video, also showed the hotel room he was staying in at Canadian Forces Base Trenton — located about 175 kilometres east of Toronto.

He said that although the hotel rooms were very comfortable, he thinks that the Red Cross made a mistake in placing three of his daughters in a single room — making it crowded.

“I have put in a request to the headquarters of the Red Cross and hope for things to change today or whenever they have time,” said Lan.

“Apparently, the whole team has been working very hard, to provide the food, all the lease … but I hope that they will be able to address our request soon.”

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The two planes that landed Friday will soon be followed by another flight chartered to evacuate Canadians in Wuhan that have asked to leave. The flight is expected to depart Feb. 10 and arrive at CFB Trenton the following day.

“It’s quite a good thing that we have a bit of time in between,” said Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne on Friday.

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