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South Korean mom has tearful VR ‘reunion’ with dead daughter

What if you could still see a loved one even after they were gone?

South Korean broadcaster Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) made this possible for mom Jang Ji-sung, who lost her seven-year-old daughter to blood-related diseases three years ago, Reuters reports.

In emotional video footage shared by MBC, Jang wears virtual reality goggles and stands in front of a green screen. Soon after, the viewer is able to see what she sees: a big green space, and her daughter, Na-yeon, in virtual reality.

The little girl, wearing a dress and carrying a pink Frozen-themed purse, can be seen emerging from behind a pile of wood.

“Mom, where have you been? Have you been thinking of me?” Na-yeon asks.

Her mom, choked up, responds: “Always.”

The emotional mom reaches forward to touch her daughter but sees her hands move through the virtual figure of her child.

“I really want to touch you just once,” Jang says with tears running down her face, her hands shaking. “I really missed you.”

At times throughout the video, the camera pans to Jang’s remaining family: her husband and their three children. They can be seen wiping their eyes. Though they can’t see Na-yeon, Jang’s emotions are enough to bring them to tears.

At one point, the mother and daughter celebrate Na-yeon’s missed birthdays, singing Happy Birthday together.

The heart-wrenching scene is part of a South Korean documentary called Meeting You, which shows just how far VR technology can be taken — it’s not just for video games anymore.

The clip from the documentary has been watched more than 13 million times on YouTube.

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