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Dine and distance: Dutch ‘greenhouse’ restaurants allow social-distance dining

A Dutch restaurant has come up with a way for people to dine in public during the coronavirus pandemic.

Eten Restaurant, part of the Mediamatic Biotoop centre in Amsterdam, has tested greenhouse-like booths for customers to eat in, keeping them protected from contracting COVID-19 from other diners.

The dining concept is called Serres Sépparées (Separate Greenhouses in English) and allows guests to enjoy a plant-based, four-course meal with a beautiful waterside view of the city, the restaurant’s Facebook page reads.

Open for bookings from May 21 to June 27, the idea, Mediamatic’s website reads, was born from a desire to “create a safe and intimate home for partners to reconnect, with the outside world at their own leisure.”

Dutch restaurants are closed to the public until at least May 19, though kitchens are open for takeout.

“We are now learning how to do the cleaning, how to do the service, how to get the empty plates out again in an elegant way, so you still feel taken care of nicely,” Willem Velthoven of Mediamatic told Reuters.

Per the outlet, the Netherlands’ restaurant association has said that even if restaurants can reopen, they will only be able to offer limited capacity.

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Servers will maintain the recommended six-foot distance, serving with gloves on through a door.

The glass pods are already fully booked until the end of June.

The novel coronavirus was the inspiration behind a similar concept created by a Swedish couple.

Linda Karlsson and Rasmus Persson are set to open their pop-up restaurant Bord för en (Table for One in English) from May 10 until Aug. 1.

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