Olanipekun urges NBA forums to support Egbe Amofin’s candidate, Adesina for NBA presidency

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN

Leader of Egbe Amofin, the umbrella group of South Western lawyers in Nigeria, Asiwaju Wole Olanipekun SAN has urged the different forums that comprise the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to respect Egbe Amofin’s adoption of Mr Dele Adesina as its Presidential candidate in the forthcoming NBA elections.

The forums include the Arewa Lawyers Forum, Easter Bar Forum, and Midwest Lawyers Forum.

“On no account should any forum or the NBA generally disregard the decision of another forum, especially with regards to the choice of candidates particularly under a situation where all the Branch Chairmen in the South West, have signed and sealed the resolution that this is the choice of the South West”, Chief Olanipekun admonished.

Chief Olanipekun, also a past president of the association disclosed this in an interview he granted to the Judicial Editor of The Nation newspaper.

He berated criticism against Adesina’s adoption as “unfair and uncharitable”. He particularly described the complaints credited to another aspirant, Babatunde Ajibade SAN, who lost out to Adesina as “hypocritical which also amounts to double talk”.

Chief Olanipekun explained further: “At no time in the history of Egbe Amofin has the election of a consensus flagbearer been as democratic and painstaking as this one. This has been the only time that all the Branch Chairmen of all NBA Branches in the South West, all of them, without any exception were constituted into a committee to interface with, interview and pick a consensus candidate for the Egbe;

Between August 2019 and February 2020, four meetings were held by the Egbe, one in Lagos on 27/8/19, and three at Ibadan on 26/10/19, 9/11/19/ and 22/2/20. At the Lagos meeting, the unanimous resolution was that on no account would the Egbe sponsor two candidates, because of our experience in 2014;

At the Ibadan meeting of 26/10/19, Muyiwa Akinboro SAN, Dele Adesina SAN, Tunde Ajibade SAN and Awoniyi Alabi, all signified their intentions to contest the NBA presidency under the banner of the Egbe, with each of them solemnly pledging in the presence of all attendees numbering about 500 that he would abide by the decision of the Egbe. Muyiwa Akinboro is a former Chairman of the Abuja Branch and former National Secretary of the NBA. Dele Adesina is a former Chairman of Ikeja Branch and former National Secretary of the NBA;

Awoniyi is a former Chairman of Osogbo Branch and former Legal Adviser of the NBA. Both Akinboro and Adesina are life members of the NBA NEC. The meeting of 26/10/19 unanimously nominated Chief Niyi Akintola, SAN to coordinate the meetings and deliberations of the committee set up by the Egbe for the selection of a sole candidate;

In turn, each of the candidates stood up to express his satisfaction with the composition of the committee and the choice of Chief Niyi Akintola SAN as the coordinator. The committee submitted its report at the meeting of 9/11/19, showing that over 80 percent of the Branches/Branch Chairmen endorsed the nomination of Dele Adesina SAN, as the sole candidate;

The meeting of 9/11/19 would have been held a week earlier, but for the passionate plea of Tunde Ajibade, SAN who said that that date would not be convenient for him and we shifted the date of the meeting to 9/11/19, because of him. He did not attend the meeting of 9/11/19, but the report of the selection committee was ratified and adopted;

It was then decided that all the Branch Chairmen and the leaders should sign the adoption document for record purposes and all the Chairmen signed, except the Chairman of Lagos who is neither supporting Dele Adesina nor Tunde Ajibade;

The elders, including Chief M.A Ajomole, former Chairman of the Body of Benchers, who will clock 90 later this year, Chief Mrs. Priscilla Kuye, former President of the NBA, Chief Emmanuel Abiodun, former Chairman of Ibadan Branch, Chief Gboyega Awomolo SAN, former Chairman of the Committee of Chairmen and Secretaries of the NBA, Chief Felix Fagbohungbe, SAN, Chief Niyi Akintola, SAN and myself signed. It was also the decision of the meeting that all the other fora in the country be informed of the choice of Dele Adesina, SAN as the consensus candidate of the Egbe”.

The former president said he was at a loss as to the cause of the criticism of the decision made by Egbe Amofin. Giving the history of the forum, Olanipekun said: “I was one of the leading lawyers of the South-West who founded the Egbe in 1999 – the others were late Chief Debo Akande SAN, late Chief Idowu Shofola SAN, late Chief Dele Aiku SAN, late Chief Adigun Ogunseyitan, and Chief Gboyega Awomolo SAN. The Egbe adopted me as its candidate in 2002 and Rotimi Akeredolu SAN, in 2008. The process that led to the adoption of Adesina the most elaborate and painstaking”. It was the same Adesina that the Egbe asked to step down for Akeredolu in 2008.

He urged Ajibade not to take the election as a do or die affair, saying he should patiently wait for his own time. “I understand that my beloved brother, Tunde Ajibade, SAN complained that the criteria used by the committee were not known to him, but I can recollect that at the meeting of 9/11/19, the committee was mandated to formulate its own criteria, taking cognisance of the criteria which had always been used by the Egbe, including experience, acceptability, national reach, positions earlier held within the NBA, etc;

Dele Adesina SAN, Egbe Amofin endorsed candidate for NBA presidency 2020

Any candidate who had further ideas on the criteria to be adopted by the committee was advised to pass the same to the committee.  With respect to my beloved colleague and younger brother, Tunde Ajibade, SAN, his criticism of the Egbe is very hypocritical and also amounts to double talk.

H97997999e urged Ajibade to remember that the only qualification he depends on to contest is that he is from the South West and it is the turn of Egbe to produce the NBA president.

“The fact still remains that he wants to contest the presidency of the NBA simply because it is now the turn of the Southwest to produce the next President, based on a zoning arrangement initiated by the leaders of the Southwest and Southeast in 2000;

Or why did he not show interest in 2018 when it was the turn of the Southeast? Can he or any other person then be taking advantage of the turn of the Southwest and at the same time be pointing accusing fingers at the Egbe under which auspices he wants to contest?

Now, was he taken into confidence before the President of the NBA, Mr. Paul Usoro constituted the membership of the Electoral Committee of the NBA (ECNBA) under the chairmanship of Mr. Tawo Tawo (SAN)? Did the ECNBA seek his consent before the choice of the ICT firm that will conduct the election? Did the NBA President discuss with him, or seek his consent before setting up the e- voting portal? Yet he wants to contest the election;

My appeal to him is that NBA elections must never be taken as a do-or-die affair as it happens out there in all the political parties in Nigeria. For example, I voluntarily stepped down for OCJ Okocha (SAN) in the year 2000, and I became the President of the NBA at God’s appointed time in 2002”.

He warned those against regional fora in the NBA of setting a dangerous precedent. “It can be likened to a bizarre suggestion that the states and the six zones in Nigeria should be abolished. The different fora, through their branches gave birth to the NBA at the National level, and not the other way round. It is the Southwest today, next time it will go to Arewa in the North and before you know it, it will be the turn of the South East; etc”, he concluded.

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