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Pfizer-Biontech COVID vaccine to be mass produced, distributed after WHO certification

By Abubakar Hashim

US pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, in partnership with German Biontech, having successfully produced COVID Vaccine, will commence mass production after the World Health Organization(WHO) soon.

Pfizer claimed that the vaccine is 90% effective, and tested on 43,547 humans in 6 countries. It is targeted for equal distribution after WHO certification.

This development is coming on the heels of similar vaccine by a British-Swedish drug giant, Astra Venica, but produced side effects on humans last September.

This latest Pfizer-Biontech COVID Vaccine is a groundbreaking development in view of its efficacy and safety on humans in recent clinical trials.

African countries are expecting fair distribution through funding by private sector players, like AFREXIM Bank, 5 Billion Dollars in concessional loans, AfDB , 5.6 Billion Dollars and other multinational conglomerates, to support African countries to benefit from the vaccines.

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