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“There are more killer diseases in Africa than COVID-19”, says ACDC

By Abubakar Hashim

The African Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has revealed a stunning data this morning that shows more killer diseases in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, than COVID-19 that is depleting Africa’s resources at alarming rate.

Data shows, for instance in Nigeria, an estimated 100 million cases of malaria are reported annually and causes at least 300,000 deaths each year. It causes 11 per cent to maternal mortality each year

Tuberculosis cases each year in Nigeria average 429,000 and deaths around 157,000, While Lassa fever killed around 227 each year.

These figures are far higher than current COVID-19 cases and deaths that have lasted a year so far, but are not getting commensurate resources like COVID, says ACDC

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