Oodua group warns of Ethnic violence plot to distract Yoruba Nation

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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Indigenous O’odua people of the South West have been asked to wisely avoid violent ethnic clashes between Yoruba and Fulani people living in the area. This may sound odd, but it is a strategic call. In a release on Friday, Apappo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) the Yoruba self-determination group said some enemies of Yoruba Nation are desperate to create diversion through a instigated massive ethnic violence in the South West and in Nigeria to shift attention from the real issue of Yoruba search for sovereignty.

AOKOYA said its intelligence report indicates plans to cause large scale ethnic violent as a prelude to foreclose Yoruba Nation. The group said the sponsors are politicians, strong, rich but irresponsible people.

AOKOYA said “Their agents will lead the mayhem as they did during the #ENDSARs. This will draw the attention of the international community. The violence will strengthen the rogue state to brutally attack self determination activists and weaken our campaign in the face of local and international audience. Due to ignorance of the people, many will sympathise with the regime when in actual fact, it is the instigator” the statement signed by Col Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd) and Ahmed Akorede stated. It urged Yoruba to remember how genocide in Rwanda overshadowed the genuine demand for resolution of the national question.

AOKOYA commended Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) for his courage, adding that he has created more awareness about the travails of Yoruba people.

AOKOYA said the campaign for self-determination must be prosecuted with a lot of tact, superior strategy and planning that will avoid falling into the plot of the triangle of evil represented by the Nigerian State. The group said those raising money for the Yoruba cause should learn to do so discreetly.

AOKOYA said Yoruba should at this time minimize internal division and focus on the goal of Yoruba Nation adding that “Satan derives its strength from the weakness and division among his victims”
The group said “Why we work for O’odua Nation, we must not fall into the antics of the desperate and callous enemies who want to blackmail the movement for Yoruba sovereignty. Our attitude should see less of mob action, but superior strategy that will take back lost grounds and leave the Yoruba territories whole, without massive destruction, carnage and genocide being plotted and instigated by the daunting, and vicious enemy.”

AOKOYA said the current government controls the institutions of violence. It will take delight in seeing Yoruba attack Fulani people in their harmlets, their houses burnt and their children killed to justify a counter genocidal action in Yorubaland which they will support and fund. “This is a designed, wicked trap we must avoid. While they have unleashed such terror on Yoruba through kidnapping and savage murder, our aspirations are not the same with theirs. They feed on violence and chaos, why we want an orderly Yoruba Nation based on justice and dignity of mankind.” The group commended of Sunday Adeyemo, saying that he has increased public awareness about the plight of Yoruba nation describing his action as bold and commendable.

AOKOYA said O’odua people must devise a superior strategic response that is cost effective for the precious Yoruba human and material resources. “We are not under illusion a woman will give birth without blood, but not a stillbirth with bloodbirth. Ethnic violence will only setback the clock for the main goall.

We have to sharpen our alliances with the middle belt, the Northern minorities, the South South and the South East. We must ask terrorists and their agents to leave Yorubaland. If they refuse, we must chase them with maximum force, but well planned and organized to avoid genocide and cheap blackmail, a script they already have and into which they are already dragging some organisations in Yorubaland seen in some tactless responses.

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