Furore over auction of judgment car by Lagos State Judiciary

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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An aggrieved claimant, and judgement creditor, Mrs Abiodun Akinkoye Odunayo has petitioned the Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Kazeem Olanrewaju Alogba, asking him to intervene and investigate alleged discrepancies in the sale by auction of a Toyota Corolla car on December 19, 2021 by the Deputy Sheriff of the court.

The claimant and judgment creditor in a petition dated July 27, 2021 regarding suit no MCL/87 3/2013 between Abiodun Akinkoye Odunayo and Mr. Jude Ator urged the chief judge to investigate the alleged manipulations of proceed of sales in public auction of the car by the Deputy Sheriff.

According to Mrs Odunayo, the car auctioned by the Deputy Sheriff was a subject of an execution levied in the suit on December 19, 2017 where a Toyota Corolla was attached and taken to court premises.

According to her in spite of the turmoil during the ENDSARS protest, the car was spared in the court premises where it was packed and remained attractive to the general public.

Given her account, the petitioner said, she participated in the public auction of the car and bid up to N1.2 million for her to purchase the car, but there was another bidder, who bid for N2.7 million, but to her chargrin, the Deputy Sheriff only informed her, the final offer from the highest bidder stood at N552,000.00.

She said, “On resumption of normal court activities after various lockdown of the courts I made several efforts to list the car subject matter of this complaint (Toyota Corolla 2005 model car) for sale. Including a letter from my lawyer to the Honourable Chief Judge.”

She further stated she was informed that the chief judge has given approval for the sale of the car along with other items. “I was made to obtained a form for N3,000 to enable me participate in the process of the sales with a tag No.15 and the sales was fixed for 27th July, 2021. The public auction witnessed by me and other people and not the imaginary public auction that sold at exact amount approved by the Honourable Chief Judge.”

The Toyota Corolla car in contention

After the sales, the Deputy Sheriff, Mrs. Abimbola Oshodi-Makanju, in a letter informed her that, “a Toyota Corolla with Reg. No. BDG 602 EC (Grey Colour), was sold by public auction to the highest bidder in the sum of N 525,000.00. “The only amount recoverable by the Claimant/Judgment Creditor stands at N525, 000.00 less the government deductions.”

She said the amount stated was contrary to the amount the highest bidder bidded for the car

She was however offered to take the half of the amount the car was auctioned. To this end she is demanding that “justice must prevailed by paying me the correct proceed of sales of the Toyota Corolla 2005 model.”

Justifying an under deal probably from the highest quarter, the petitioner noted that her petition to the Chief Judge received with stamp confirming the date, it was submitted suffered delay.

“It is pertinent to know my Lord that I have waited for about three months now. Since I submitted my petition and I am yet to be contacted or informed of any development in respect of the petition copy of which is hereby attached for your Lordship’s quick reference and necessary action;

“Waiting patiently for my Lord’s intervention in this matter of open fraud that someone thinks it can be swept under the carpet.”

In a letter signed by Acting Chief Register, Mr. T. A. Elias dated March 15, 2022 replying to her petition, stated that the chief judge acknowledge receipt of her letters; dated 30th November 2021 and 1st March 2022 in respect of the subject matter.

The letter said that her petition was not successful. The letter stated that a discreet investigation of her petition revealed no wrong doing has been found on the side of the Lagos State Judiciary and its appointed auctioneer. You are free to furnish any proof of your allegation, if you so wishes. Accordingly, the petition is unsuccessful.

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