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44% of Canadian households report lost work amid COVID-19 pandemic: poll

As daily life in Canada comes to a pause, 44 per cent of Canadian households say they’ve lost work or have seen layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s according to an Angus Reid survey released Wednesday, which outlines that another 18 per cent of Canadian households anticipate work loss.

Of the 44 per cent that have lost work, 66 per cent of Canadians said their employer is not paying for any lost hours. Twenty per cent said they are receiving all their regular pay, despite lost work; the remaining have some sort of pay but not full.

The loss of work has had a “disproportionate impact” on younger Canadians, explained Angus Reid Institute’s executive director Shachi Kurl.

“Who are younger workers here? They’re servers, they’re people working in the service industry, people working in retail, people working in the hospitality and tourism sector,” Kurl said.

Canadians aged 18 to 24 made up 45 per cent of the total number of those who lost work or jobs, followed by those between the ages of 24 and 34 at 30 per cent.

The loss of work was felt fairly evenly by Canadians across different wage brackets, Kurl noted. She added many Canadians may not be losing jobs, but are scaling down work, and it will have a “ripple effect.”

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“That speaks to contracts lost, cancelled projects or put on hold, clients lost,” she said.

“It’s not just about big companies, or small, closing brick and mortar locations. It has to do with marketing budgets, advertising, supply chains.”

People in every province have experienced work loss.

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