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53% of Canadians skeptical of the monarchy’s future beyond the Queen’s reign: Ipsos poll


A new Ipsos poll showed a majority of the Canadians asked — 53 per cent — said they were skeptical of the monarchy‘s future after Queen Elizabeth II.

The poll comes during a difficult period for the monarchy, given Prince Andrew’s withdrawal from public life amid the controversy over his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, in addition to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure as senior members of the royal family.

A majority of Quebecers (70 per cent) and residents of Saskatchewan and Manitoba (63 per cent) agreed formal ties should end after Her Majesty’s reign, but only a minority in Atlantic Canada (49 per cent), Ontario (46 per cent), British Columbia (46 per cent) and Alberta (42 per cent) said they believed that formal ties should be severed, the Ipsos poll found.

Six in 10 Canadians agree that the Queen and the royal family should not have any formal role in Canadian society, up two points since 2016. A majority of Canadians in every region agree with this position, ranging from 55 per cent in Alberta to 76 per cent in Quebec.

Of those surveyed, 24 per cent strongly agreed that when the 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth’s reign ends, Canada should end its formal ties to the British monarchy — a figure that has remained unchanged since 2016.

But despite the tumultuous times for the House of Windsor, the Ipsos poll showed an overwhelming number of Canadians agreed that Her Majesty has done a good job in her role as monarch.

The Queen’s approval rating — at least, in Canada — is at 81 per cent, an unwavering number since 2016.

“The main thing is that the Queen is out-polling the monarchy on this one,” said Gregory Jack, Ipsos vice-president of public affairs. “People seem very enamoured with her as an individual. They’re pretty supportive of her as the head of state. They like her. But when you ask Canadians to think about the monarchy beyond the Queen, they’re much less supportive.”

“People respect the way that she’s done her job. I think they respect her as a person, as an individual. And I think that people think that she has integrity.”

The poll, done exclusively for Global News between Jan. 24 and 27, surveyed a sample of 1,000 Canadians aged 18 years and up in online interviews.

The proportion who strongly agree the Queen has done a good job is 36 per cent, up six points since 2016.

Approval of Queen Elizabeth’s performance is highest in British Columbia at 85 per cent, followed by Ontario at 84 per cent and Atlantic Canada, where 84 per cent of respondents said they thought the Queen was doing a good job. They were closely followed by Alberta at 82 per cent, Saskatchewan and Manitoba at 75 per cent. Queen Elizabeth’s lowest approval rating was in Quebec at 72 per cent.

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