Amebo land woman in trouble as hubby seeks divorce

A 64-year-old estate agent and politician, Aderemi Fatukasi, has asked an Agege Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his loveless marriage with his wife, Esther 50 over allegations of her talkative nature.

The petitioner, a father of one, who resides at Coker Road, in the Orile-Agege area of Lagos, had approached the court for the dissolution of the nine-year-old marriage, on grounds of alleged talkative and troublesome nature of his wife, adultery and other irreconcilable differences.

Aderemi told the court that he finally moved out of his house due to all the embarrassment his wife was causing him.

The petitioner, who described his wife as being temperamental and violent, told the court that on a few occasions, he had moved out of their matrimonial home due to her incessant talks and gossips. The petitioner claims the wife talks too much to the extent it affects the respect people has for him in their neighbourhood.

“l have suffered so much embarrassment due to constant gossips. Whenever we have a private discussion as a couple, before l know it, l will hear what we talked about outside.

“She goes to her stepchildren’s school to gossip and embarrass me and my family. Our church is also not left out and this has brought so much shame and embarrassment to me as an elder in the church,” he said

The Petitioner said he cannot bear all the embarrassment his wife has caused her and urge the court to dissolve their union.

“It is unbearable that l cannot ever withstand her presence around me. There was a time she came to our church to fight me and tore my clothes to shreds.

“I also heard she was having illicit sexual relationship with a teacher in my children’s school. It is unbearable that l cannot ever withstand her presence around me ,” he said.

The petitioner, who insisted on the dissolution of the marriage, told the court that he needs to be alive in order to take good care of himself and his other children.

“I am no longer interested in the union; my wife talks too much, she cannot keep secrets and she is a troublemaker,” he said.

The respondent, however, denied ever having any sexual relationship with any other man since she met her husband.

“I still love my husband and do not want to divorce him,” Esther said.  The 50 year old fashion designer therefore pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage.

The respondent, told the court that her husband does not care and give her necessary attention as his wife.

“Whenever l talk to him or try to advice him on a certain matter, he does not listen to me. I promise to change my ways and be of good conduct,” the respondent said
She said that she does not want her marriage dissolved and urged the court to help them in settling the misunderstandings between herself and her husband.

The court president, Mrs Patricia Adeyanju, told the couple to remain at peace and adjourned the suit until July 23 for the adoption of Alternative Dispute Resolution. (NAN)


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