APGA supporters in Anambra West insist on Soludo

...defend Obiano's achievements

By Romanus Idika

Supporters of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State have berated those alleging that Governor Willie Obiano abandoned the area for almost eight years of his administration, insisting that the governor did the much he could with the available resources and urged the constituents to vote for Prof. Charles Soludo on November 6, to complete the remaining projects and do more in the area.

According to them, there is nothing wrong with demanding more developmental projects and dividends of democracy but claiming that nothing was done, amounts to turning the truth on its head.  They described as not only misleading but also insulting for card-carrying members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to claim to be apolitical or neutral. They urged everyone interested in politics to be clear about it and not hide under any guise.

Member, representing Anambra West Constituency, at the State House of Assembly, Chief Patrick Udoba, while reacting to a recent statement by Anambra West Liberation Front, said: “It is a wrong assumption taken too far. Governor Obiano never neglected Anambra West. If he did, why will he personally commission and authorise a road that will run through Ezi Anam communities like Umudora and Umuikwu down to Onono. Aside from that, the contractor handling Mmiata to Nzam road has returned to work and will soon complete it. The truth is that at election period, people look out for ways and reasons to sway the minds of gullible people. There are many issues being branded by by-standers, who claim to know how it works even when they do not know. Few of us who know, may not want to join issues with them, because we know their backgrounds. Voting for Prof. Soludo will ensure that all pending projects in our area will be completed and new ones initiated.”
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor, Sir Ojukwu Obakasi, said: “What they’re putting together and calling a non-governmental organisation is nothing but a pure PDP affair. They should be bold enough to call it by its name and purpose. Please, stop this camouflage. Our people  have refused to accept this propaganda of Obiano/Obidigwe did this and that against Anambra West. They should stop sowing the seed of hatred between us and our Igala, Aguleri and other Omambala brothers.

“This is how you people start  every election season with one self serving plot or the other, like the OMANJE scheme, which denied our brother, Raph Okeke, from  returning to the House of Representatives. We, ndi Anambra West, don’t need this distraction. You should be bold enough to declare for the political party and candidate of your choice and work for him in the election, instead of ‘masquerading’ your intention with the so-called ‘initiative’. I strongly advise every well-meaning indigene of Anambra West to distance him or herself from what is meant to create hatred and division.”

Also reacting, another respondent said: “That this project is laudable is indisputable; that a people should rise up to take responsibility for the development of their area is a commendable initiative. Your vision and mission are additional effort geared towards a better Anambra West.
“But, I was particularly peeved by the decision and action of the conveners to single out the incumbent APGA government in Anambra State, led by Chief Obiano for castigation and vilification in their so-called press release. Despite this, I salute their courageous recognition of the contribution of APGA government towards improving infrastructural development in Anambra West.
“To say that the present APGA administration totally abandoned Anambra West is a very unfair judgment of this government, with the manifest intention of confusing, deceiving and misleading the good people of Anambra West. If I may ask, “Are the two bridges and the Community Choose Your Project initiative, totaling N40 million for each community in Anambra West not significant? If the bridges are not significant, go and ask the rural natives directly affected by them and you will realise the overwhelming significance in Anambra West. If we must become the liberators of the people of Anambra West, we must be ready to be truthful because a lie repeatedly told often wears the garb of truth and will never do our people any good, now or later.

“In your subsequent conferences, endeavour to berate equally past governments of Anambra State which neither dreamt nor attempted to do one tenth of what “the immediate past (APGA) governor/ administration started, continued by Obiano and to be improved upon by the most eminently qualified candidate for the forthcoming November 6  election, Prof. Soludu of APGA. Moreover, I advocate for equal representation of the communities/ zones that make up Anambra West.
“Thank you for calling on our political leaders and rulers/representatives at various levels to be patriotic, selfless and true servant- leaders. We must as a matter of necessity, be appreciative of any effort by any government towards developing Anambra West, taking cognizance of our terrain and other constraints on our path of development.”

Chairman of APGA Gubernatorial Campaign Committee in Anambra West Local Government, Chief Onyedika Chinwuba, while hosting the executive members of the United Anambra Youth/ Women Assembly, U-AYA U-AWA, called on ndi Anambra West to come out en masse to exercise their franchise and enthrone good governance on November 6, 2021. Chinwuba assured them that APGA would win the forthcoming election landslide.

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