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‘Bigfoot’ spotted? Washington state traffic camera shows mysterious figure

Did a traffic camera just capture some Bigfoot traffic in Washington state?

One person at the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) seems to think so after tweeting out some puzzling images captured by one of the department’s webcams on Wednesday.

“Sasquatch spotted!” the WSDOT East Twitter account tweeted, along with three circled and zoomed-in photos. “I’m not superstitious .. just a little stitious.”

The WSDOT employee points out that there appears to be “something” in the bottom left part of the frame. It looks like a person-shaped figure silhouetted against an evergreen tree.

“Might be Sasquatch,” the tweet says. “We will leave that up to you!”

The blurry shape certainly resembles a person in mid-stride, although it’s too dark and featureless to clearly make out. The all-black shape appears to be bent forward at the waist, its weight on one leg while it lifts a trailing leg to take another step.

It could be a tall, fur-covered, ape-like figure. It could be a man with a hood who’s out for a hike. Or — perhaps most likely — it could be the trunk of the tree outlined by its own branches.

The tweet says the photos were captured on State Road 20/Sherman Pass, a route that winds its way through the forested Cascade Mountains in the northeastern part of the state. The spot is about 70 kilometres south of the Canada-U.S. border in Grand Forks, B.C.

The tweet appears to include at least two different photos, although the images do not have time stamps.

One image shows the “figure” circled in red. Several trees are casting shadows on the sunlit snow, and there are no vehicles visible on the highway in the distance.

A second image appears to have been captured before sunrise or after sundown. There are no more shadows visible on the snow, and a vehicle with its lights on can be seen on the highway. The “figure” appears to be in the same position.

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