Breaking: Ijegun Pipeline Fire Resists Efforts Made by LASEMA, NSDC, Others to Quench It

Efforts by various stakeholders to manage the situation is still ongoing, as the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA, Red Cross, the Nigerian army are battling to put off the fire.

As much as they tried, the fire kept sustaining strength. This is because the fuel source which is the punctured pipeline area is still open. The fire fighters are making good effort to stop the fire from getting to the gas plant just less that 20 meters from the fire centre.

Also, many other support agencies have arrived. They include, the Red Cross, the LASEMA, the Nigerian Army, NSDC, the Police etc. The LASEMA has moved out the burnt vehicles to give way for more fire fighting trucks and more evacuation. The 2 fatalities and more than 40 injured has been moved.

The fatalities happened at the first area of the fire at Ije Ododo which confirmed the news that the siphoning was going on in two locations simultaneously.

The ije Ododo fire was stopped but the fire moved to the Ijegun market area razing down shops and kiosks before stop where the fuel drained into the Ijegun market gutters.


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