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Canadian men, women differ on whether gender equality exists at work: poll


As countries around the world celebrate International Women’s Day, a new poll has found that when it comes to gender equality, men and women in Canada have different views about how it applies in the workplace.

The international poll conducted by Ipsos surveyed more than 20,000 respondents in 27 countries including Canada.

When respondents in Canada were asked if men and women are treated equally in the workplace, 43 per cent agreed, a finding that was on par with 41 per cent who agreed globally.

But, the survey found that Canadian men were significantly more likely to agree that workplaces treat the genders equally at 54 per cent, than women who agreed only 32 per cent of the time.

What’s more, 71 per cent of Canadians, including most women (77 per cent) and men (66 per cent) agreed that equality won’t be achieved in Canada unless men take action to support women’s rights.

Jennifer McLeod Macey, vice president at Ipsos Public Affairs, called this finding “encouraging.”

“Both men and women need to make these changes,” she said. “Perhaps men need to prioritize equality a bit better, stand up for women. Women need to lean in, support each other and really have each other’s backs and understand that most men and women need to promote gender equality in the workplace to make these changes that we’ve been working on for so, so long.”

However, 36 per cent of respondents in Canada said they believe when it comes to giving women equal rights to men, things have gone far enough.

The opinion was more prevalent among men — at 44 per cent — than with women at 29 per cent.

McLeod Macey said this finding was “very concerning.”

“That is problematic to me,” she said. “Because while that is a minority, it is a big number of people.”

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