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Cleric calls for youth inclusiveness in politics

By Nwafor Sunday

Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ugo, has on Sunday urged world leaders to permit active participation of youths into its political sphere, noting that the non-inclusiveness of the youths in politics has dawdled the progress of many countries in the world, particularly Africa.

Nigerian youths

He made the call in his homily at the Catholic Church of Visitation, 1st Avenue, Festac town, Lagos. Celebrating the mass that marked the solemnity of Jesus Christ (Chris the King) and perhaps the end of the liturgical year, Fr. Ambrose who is from Ahiara Diocese opined that African Leaders are fundamentally characterized as ‘selfish, opulent and wealthy people’.

Juxtaposing the life history of Jesus Christ and today’s African leaders, the cleric said that Jesus who was born in a manger signified ‘humility’, born by a virgin ‘Purity’, seen washing his disciples feet showed ‘an exemplary leader’, cuddling and welcoming both the rich and poor, big and small, tall and short, old and young, male and female portrayed his total inclusiveness of everybody into his reign.

Whereas in today’s leadership we see selfish, self centered, opulent, wealthy and corrupt people looting money to enrich themselves and  to keep for their generations to come.

“I therefore call for an inclusive academy of youths into the world politics, particularly Africa and specifically Nigeria, for a change in our structure. Be it political, economical, social and cultural structure, so that we can achieve our national objective which is success, peace and unity, he said.

Speaking further he stated that “A nation with zero or 30% youth’s activeness in politics will always experience growth and developmental sluggishness in the system. Therefore let the youths be included and have a say in politics if we want to overcome the slow development we record yearly”, he finally said.

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