Conversations on a Protest- Adeneye-Adejuwon

“Hello Alagba, do you still support President Muhamadu Buhari?”

“Yes, I do and I don’t see why not.”

“What about the planned protest against PMB on Monday, February 6?”

“What about it?”

“Do you support the protest?”

“The protesters didn’t ask for my support. As a matter of fact they don’t need my support.”

“But do you think they should protest?”

“Again, you are asking a wrong question.And you are asking a wrong person.”

“Okay then, what do you have to say to the protesters?”


“I understand that a leading human rights lawyer, Ebun Olu – Adegboruwa may join the protest.”

“Thanks for letting me know.”

“But I read Ebun’s posting supporting the protest on your wall.”

“You did? Then good for you.”

“It is not about me. It is about where you stand on the protest.”

“Where I stand on the protest? Which protest? And what does it matter where I stand on an issue that has nothing to do with me? Are they protesting against me?”

“They are not protesting against you but against your president, a man you are still supporting in spite of…….. emmmmm”

“In spite of what?”

“Okay,let us leave that. But some people are saying that the organizer of the protest has no moral right to protest against PMB. They said ….”

“Please don’t ask me that type of question. I have no business interfering in the private affairs of anyone. Please spare me.”

“But what about Ebun?”

“What is the matter with Ebun?”

“Some people are insinuating that Ebun is a compromised human rights crusader whose latest passion and intesrest is to defend corrupt people.”

“And how do I come into that?”

“Do you agree with those people?”

“And who are these people? What is there for me to agree or disagree with in gossip?”


“Yes, gossip. Is my name Ebun? ”

“Did I make any allegation against Ebun?”

“No, but is Ebun still serving the intesrest of the Nigerian masses?”

“Ask Ebun. Ask those who have issues with Ebun. Ask the Nigerian masses.”

“But I am asking you.”

“Yes I know and I am not deaf.”

“But you are not responding to my questions.”

“Surely, I am responding to your questions. It is just that you have chosen to focus on what is unimportant while ignoring the important issue.”

“And what is the important issue?”

“Nigeria. Not 2Face. Not Ebun.Not even those who are fighting Ebun on social media.”

“What is important is how we can rescue Nigeria from all those who have hijacked Nigeria and who are setting the stage for another hijack in 2019.”

“What do you mean?”

” I have given you enough clue already but let me add that:”

“Nigeria is currently gasping for breathe at the Intensive care unit of God. Buhari is just a tool in the hands of the great physician.”

“Men and women of yesterday who all conspired to bring Nigeria to her knees and who are all cancerous to Nigeria’s polity must be exorcized in order that a new Nigeria may be born.”

“Nigeria is going through birth pains. Severe pains no doubt but God will bring out the new baby.”

“There is a danger though. The danger of allowing assassins masquerading as midwives to take charge of the labour room.”

“This is a trap Nigerians can’t afford to fall into.”

“Hmnnnnnnnnnn mm. ……O ga o, so what do we do now?”

“We should not protest?”

” Please protest, but don’t major in minor”

“We should protest against assassins masquerading as midwives from taking over Nigeria’s labour room in 2019. And these assassins are getting ready to take over the labour room.”

“But ti Oluwa ba n be laaye they won’t succeed.”

“Oh my God, you have succeeded in confusing me o.”

“Please don’t be confused.”

“I didn’t set out to confuse you.”


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