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Here’s what’s in Trump’s Israel-Palestine peace plan

More than two years after he first proposed a plan to revive the long moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process, U.S. President Donald Trump released details on Tuesday of his proposal to solve a conflict that has frustrated peacemakers for decades.

* The status of Jerusalem, including historical sites sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

* Establishing mutually agreed borders.

* Finding security arrangements to satisfy Israeli fears of attacks by Palestinians and hostile neighbors.

* The Palestinian demand for statehood in territory – the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem – captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East War.

* Finding a solution to the plight of millions of Palestinian refugees.

* Arrangements to share natural resources, such as water.

* Palestinian demands that Israel remove its settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. More than 400,000 Israelis now live among about 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank, with another 200,000 settlers in East Jerusalem.

The White House released a statement immediately after Trump’s televised address outlining the main points:

* A map to set out borders for “a realistic two-state solution, offering a viable path to Palestinian statehood.”

* A demilitarized Palestinian state to live peacefully alongside Israel.

* The proposed map more than doubles the size of the land currently used by the Palestinians.

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