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History of the ’90s podcast: The San Marino Grand Prix and Ayrton Senna


On this episode of History of the ’90s, we look back at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, a cataclysmic weekend that shattered the lives of many and permanently reshaped Formula 1 racing.

This is more than a story about fast cars — it’s a story about cutthroat competition, money, deceit, love, tragedy and the search for justice.

Over the course of three days, starting on April 29, 1994, in Imola, Italy, two drivers were killed and another driver was seriously hurt.  It was a watershed moment for F1 which had not seen a death in 12 years.

Formula One was never the same after that weekend, because one of the drivers lost at that event was one of the greatest drivers of all time — the legendary Ayrton Senna.

Host Kathy Kenzora takes you back to the historic San Marino race and the impact it had on one of the most prestigious sporting event series in the world.

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