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In Pictures: Life in Wuhan, China right now


Headlines about the new coronavirus have been dominated by people leaving China, which has the highest reported number of cases, but life still goes on in Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the illness is believed to have originated.

Fresh produce and meat markets continue to run, feeding the city’s people. Residents gather outside their homes or in shops, playing cards together to pass the time.

A woman walks her dog through a market, grocery bag in hand. Most roads leading in and out of the city have been shut down, but people continue to ride bikes across the Yangtze River Bridge.

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Many of the individuals wear face masks, a common practice in parts of Asia, where mask-wearing is quite common and sometimes even fashionable.

Though the city’s streets appear desolate as its 11 million people remain under quarantine, some have kept living life as normal, captured in photos:

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Other parts of the world are responding quickly to the virus outbreak. So far, there have been confirmed cases in 24 countries, not including the Macau and Hong Kong regions of the Republic of China, which have now also reported cases.

Residents of Ahmedabad, India gathered on Jan. 31 in prayer for the well-being and safety of all Indians against the outbreak.

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