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Iowa caucuses: Will stalled results impact candidate momentum?


The Iowa caucuses were marred by technology troubles on Monday night that stalled the release of the pivotal competition’s results.

In a statement, the Iowa Democratic Party said it had found “inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results” from a mobile app used to collect data.

The party confirmed in a statement that the issue was “simply a reporting issue” and that there was no hack or intrusion.

In an update Tuesday morning, the party said it would release results from the caucuses “as soon as possible.”

And while the Iowa caucus boasts only 49 delegates, the first-in-the-country contest is important because it allows candidates to build momentum for their campaigns.

“We know from starting in 1976 forward that the candidates who do well in Iowa end up having an enormous amount of momentum going forward in terms of being able to raise money, in terms of media coverage, in terms of, you know, just momentum and excitement and so forth that they end up doing well,” Karen Kedrowski, a political science professor at Iowa State University, told Global News.

In a series of tweets Monday evening, Ian Sams, former national press secretary for Sen. Kamala Harris, said the later the results from Iowa are released, the less of a “bump” the eventual winner will receive.

“Fewer hours pre-Trump State of the Union and Senate impeachment vote to seize attention and, thus, momentum,” he wrote.

In a previous interview, Matthew Lebo, chair of political science at Western University, told Global News that in the primaries, this momentum is “hugely important.”

Lebo said candidates who do well in the first two contests will receive a “huge boost” while others will “lose momentum immediately.”

But even without official results or the usual, accompanying boost, Democratic candidates began spinning how they felt the night went.

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