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Mrs Remi Garuba

It is the dream of everyone to find a dream home or apartment, but every good thing comes with its own challenges. Finding an apartment in Lagos has become a challenging task due to several factors that will be discussed below. Looking for a good apartment without running into trouble has to be done strategically due to several factors that tenants have encountered over the years while looking for an apartment. Some of those unforeseen problems could have been avoided if proper research had been carried out during the course of the search. These are some of the things to consider amongst others while renting an apartment in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

One of the first things you will need to think about when looking for a rental apartment is location. You should first consider what transport links are near your property. If you have a family, consider where the closest schools are and if there are easily accessible supermarkets for your weekly shops.
Look for areas that are easily accessible and with close proximity to other major areas. The location of a house or any property for rent determines or affect a lot, especially your budget. Prices of houses also differ from place to place. Your budget for a multiflat, two-bedroom, three-bedroom or duplex and detached house for rent will largely depend on the location of the house in question.

Can you afford the property? You will need to fix a budget for the property you desire. Your budget should be what you can stick to come what may. Do not rent a house that is way above your budget simply because you love it. The rule of thumb is to go for a house whose rental value does not exceed a maximum of your four months salary.

You need to know the type of neighborhood you will be moving into while renting or buying a property. How serene/lousy is it? Is it in a gated Estate? What facilities can be found within? What is the price of houses around the area? Is it properly landscaped? Electricity supply in the neighborhood? All of these and more are important questions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask during the process of renting an apartment.

Mrs Remi Garubaj

The best time to make investigations about renting a house is during rainy season. To know if the environment is erosion-free, check for watermarks in the building which are usually caused by erosion. Do this during the raining period because property owners often play a fast one on naive tenants by covering water marks with paint immediately after Erosion.

Do not be tempted to the rent houses that are close to areas that are prone to noise pollution. Some of such places include mosques, churches, markets and industries. Not only do such centres emanate deafening sounds that can disrupt your day-to-day activities, the traffic gridlocks within them are usually cumbersome.

This has become a major challenge for new homeowners who might have inherited huge PHCN bills from the ex-tenants of the house who refused to pay up electricity bills. These bills often accumulate to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Naira. Therefore, before you go on to pay for an apartment, always ask for the recent PHCN utility bills of the said apartment.

No one wants to think about things going wrong, but tenancy agreements work like every other contract. They are supposed to be two-way. Just as signing is your promise to pay your rent regularly and keep the property in good condition, it also outlines your landlords responsibilities and limitations. Read the contents of the agreement thoroughly and make sure you know what happens if something breaks, or works have to be done.

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