Labour Party candidate, Chukwuemeka urges youths to shun thuggery, vote-selling

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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Dr Festus Chukwuemeka

The Labour Party candidate for Anambra State House of Assembly, Dr. Festus Chukwuemeka has advised Nigerian youths to shun violence and selling of their votes, if they want a better Nigeria.

Dr. Chukwuemeka who emerged unopposed as the party’s flag bearer, said that election is not war but an opportunity to make strong statements with votes.

He said he had no doubt that Anambra West people would make the right and better choice this time based on competence and capability. He said that his joining politics was not to make money for himself  but to use his competence and managerial prowess in numerous ventures to serve his people.

“I am a successful entrepreneur in the private sector,” he said. “I have thriving businesses. I am the Chief Executive Officer of Remi Chuks Enterprises, a conglomerate that offers various human services and employment. These include Remi Chuks Pharmacy and Stores, Remi Chuks Laundry and Logistics, and Remi Chuks Salon. I served as the Chief Protocol Officer to the Honourable Commissioner for Lands Anambra State Government who is a principal partner at Essential Cargo handling and logistics.

Dr Festus Chukwuemeka

“So you can see that I did not join politics because I am idle or hungry. I joined so that I can use my experience as a go-getter to solve the numerous infrastructural problems facing my Constituency. Anambra West is the least developed local government area in the state, if not in the whole Nigeria. The only tarred road that leads to several communities in this food basket of the state including the local government headquarters at Nzam is not more than six kilometres. Another one is a 13km road started by former governor Peter Obi who is now the presidential candidate of my  party. That road has remained a campaign tool for the politicians.  Even the Otuocha-Ibaji-Lokoja- Abuja Federal road, started many years ago, has since been abandoned and the gully and potholes on the road have become death traps.

“Anambra West is at crossroads and requires the participation and contributions of all to set her on her feet again.  We witness a situation where those that will be entrusted with leadership only share allocated resources with their cronies. This is our major challenge that has messed up leadership in our Constituency. When the negative effects of enthroning incompetence manifest, everybody is affected. Now is a time of awakening.  All of us must be part of the election of competent heads into  positions of authority.”

Chukwuemeka said that coming from the Igala speaking part, considered a minority, in Anambra West should not matter because the focus is on an individual’s competence and capability not necessarily coming from Igala or Anam.

“Moreover, the politics of vote buying is no longer tenable. It is even about the political party. It is more about individual competence. People can no longer enslave themselves because of a pot of porridge. Imagine collecting peanuts to sell your vote and mortgage yourself for the next four years.”

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