LawPavilion introduces Prime GPT, Primsol GPT at NBA Conference

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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Mr Ope Olugasa, MD LawPavilion

The advancement of a nation’s justice system holds a direct correlation with its overall national growth trajectory. Unfortunately, the pace of justice in Nigeria is very slow, and there has been a lot of concern about this. However, all hope is not lost. Constant innovation through technology, and particularly, Artificial Intelligence (AI), offers the much-needed platform for progress. This was the premise of the discussion with the team at the foremost legaltech company in Africa, LawPavilion Business Solutions Ltd over the weekend as they shed light on how leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), can revolutionize the legal landscape.

Speaking over the weekend at a press conference, Ope Olugasa, the MD/CEO of LawPavilion said the urgent need for the Nigerian legal system to embrace the power of artificial intelligence has become inevitable. According to him, as technology evolves rapidly, with Generative AI raising the bar in AI landscape, industries, individuals and companies who want to stay ahead of the curve must adopt these AI tools for transformative services. Drawing a parallel to the remarkable growth witnessed in Nigeria’s banking sector through fintech innovations, he illuminated the potential that can be unlocked when technology is harnessed effectively.

Emanating from this conviction, Olugasa announced that LawPavilion Business Solutions Ltd is set to unveil a pivotal advancement at the NBA Conference – the launch of Prime GPT and Primsol GPT, two revolutionary AI-driven platforms that stand to redefine legal drafting and advocacy.

Olugasa asserted that this strategic embrace of AI is more than a mere catchphrase – it is a resolute commitment to harness an unparalleled opportunity to get things right. Elaborating on the trajectory of the Justice Revolution powered by AI and GPT, he detailed a phased approach encompassing lawyers, judges, and citizens. Olugasa posited that LawPavilion is poised to spearhead this transformative revolution in the legal landscape through PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT – the groundbreaking AI solutions, meticulously crafted to empower legal professionals with comprehensive insights, expediting decision-making, enhancing efficiency, and elevating precision in their advocay and legal research.

He said ‘with the incorporation of generative AI GPT into our trusted legal research tools -Prime and Primsol, lawyers do not have to lose a case again on the grounds of technicality.’

Expounding on the innovative PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT, Damilola Ibikunle, the head of Digital Transformation Unit at LawPavilion said “PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT transcend mere products; they stand as embodiments of innovation and a resolute commitment to empowering legal practitioners with tools that elevate their practice to unparalleled heights. These state-of-the-art offerings harness the formidable potential of AI and advanced algorithms, revolutionizing the landscape of legal research. They illuminate the path to accuracy, efficiency, and profound insight within the intricate domain of legal research.”

In a captivating demonstration of PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT’s operational mechanics, Olalekan Sogbein, head of Products at LawPavilion, articulated how legal practitioners can seamlessly input their case summaries into these platforms. In mere seconds, the generative AI delves into the vast reservoir of LawPavilion’s legal database, extracting pivotal insights encompassing jurisdiction, subject matter, mode of commencement, and issues for determination with possible legal arguments and authorities to support the issues. This streamlined process empowers legal professionals with a rock-solid foundation for crafting compelling legal briefs and arguments that stand resolute in the face of complexity.

In response to the inquiry regarding the potential job displacement of lawyers, Olugasa passionately elucidated that AI’s role is not to replace lawyers, but to liberate them from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on more cerebral and value-driven activities. He affirmed that both PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT are meticulously designed to empower lawyers to accomplish more within less time, expanding their capabilities to efficiently handle multiple briefs. He delved into how the arduous preliminary research that would consume days can now be concluded in a matter of minutes. He posited that leveraging on AI such as PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT will give lawyers the needed propeller to launch into the league of the globally sought-after legal practitioners. Olugasa confidently concluded that AI will not replace lawyers but lawyers who harness AI will replace lawyers who do not.

Responding to inquiries about whether PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT will facilitate the input of briefs to predict case outcomes, Olugasa shared that this is indeed a facet the organization is exploring for the second phase of PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT. He assured everyone present that the second phase will be launched in a matter of months following this inaugural phase.

Addressing concerns about the accuracy of PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT, particularly in light of AI’s occasional inaccuracies, Olugasa stated emphatically that LawPavilion is acutely aware of this aspect. Olugasa underlined that backed by years of experience in legal technology, LawPavilion developed PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT specifically for lawyers, leveraging authentic legal data from LawPavilion’s extensive legal resources. He however emphasized a caveat that there is always a need for due diligence by legal practitioners, as AI is only meant to enhance their work, and not replace. 

On whether lawyers can start subscribing to PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT, Olugasa said lawyers can presently pre-order PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT, pending the official launch which is set to take place at the upcoming NBA Conference. Olugasa extended an invitation to forward-thinking legal practitioners who are keen on steering the wheel of justice forward in Nigeria, urging them to visit LawPavilion’s exhibition booth at the NBA Conference to witness firsthand the revolutionary capabilities of PrimeGPT and PrimsolGPT, and to seize the opportunity to subscribe.

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