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MAP: Where China’s coronavirus has spread to so far

As the number of cases in the coronavirus outbreak rises, its reach around the world is expanding.

The new flu-like virus strain is believed to have developed in a market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in early December. Now, more than six weeks later, cases are being reported as far away as the United States and at least one is being investigated in Mexico.

So far, the new virus does not appear to be nearly as deadly or contagious as some of its predecessors, such as SARS and MERS.

The number of cases, however, has risen quickly.

There have been 444 cases of the virus in the province of Hubei since the outbreak first gripped its capital city, Wuhan.

In Wuhan specifically, 17 people have died and hundreds more have fallen ill.

Initially, the virus, which has no effective vaccine, seemed to only be circulating in China. It spread from Wuhan around China to highly-populated areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Macau and, more recently, Hong Kong. Over 500 cases have been confirmed in the country alone, according to local reports.

The virus has since fanned out and the tallies are changing rapidly. Japan caught its first case on Jan. 16.

Thailand reported a total of four cases — a Thai national and three Chinese visitors — as of Jan. 22.

Taiwan and the U.S. each confirmed one case on Jan. 21.

The following map shows where cases of coronavirus were reported as of Wednesday, Jan. 22, in the afternoon. The World Health Organization is releasing situation reports periodically, which can be found here.

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