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Moisturisers: Quest for consumer satisfaction triggers product innovation

By Princewill Ekwujuru

The quest to satisfy customers’ desire for more value have triggered upsurge of innovative product changes by producers of moisturising creams in the health and beauty market.

This is reflected in the intense marketing strategies adopted by producers to rekindle consumer loyalty to their various brands.

The manufacturers have also accelerated research on different skin types in a bid to reformulate and produce more skin-friendly products.

This became necessary when  market insight showed a sustained rise in population and growing desire for smooth and healthy skin, all in a bid maintain youthful look. The result is an upsurge in demand for moisturising creams, which defied the adverse macroeconomic situation of the country.

Consequently, to remain relevant in the market, the manufacturers have started to adopt critical marketing measures such as repackaging, redesigning of product shape, colour and size, including additional fragrance for increased customer attraction and patronage.

These developments have however, narrowed contenders to local and imported moisturising creams of Dove, produced by Unilever Nigeria Plc; Olay, manufactured by Procter and Gamble. Others are imported brands that have helped to heighten competition for market share which include, Nivea, Aveeno, CeraVe AM, ACCA Kappa, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Bliss Body Butter, Aqua Phor, Amlactia, Rosen cream among others.

Vanguard’s Companies  and Markets, C&M, findings reveal that consumer indifference towards the various products in the market, compels them to be attached to a particular brand.

Consumers’ reaction

However, majority of the consumers and distributors who spoke to C&M, indicated preference for Nivea, Dove, Aveeno, Olay, CeraVe and Aqua Phor for their gentleness on the skin.

A  consumer, Ms. Josephine Ibekwe, who indicated preference for Olay said: “It goes on smoothly; works well under makeup, and can even moisturise combination skin type without leaving you looking shiny. This product is non-comedogenic (will not block your pores) and also comes in oil-free and fragrance-free formulas to suit oily or sensitive skin types, respectively.”

Another consumer, Tayo Adepetu, said: “Depending on your skin type, if you are able to find the cream that suits you, you may say the cream you are using is the best. Most creams are good. I believe no company will like to put out bad product for consumers to buy.”

Mrs. Joan Iheukwumere, who operates a cream shop in Surulere, said: “If you have sensitive skin, fragrance-free CeraVe AM Facial Moisturising Lotion is one of the few sunscreen-containing products that probably would not cause any irritation or redness. Its broad-spectrum protection can also help prevent sun damage and reduce your risk of skin cancer. Meanwhile, CeraVe AM as a lotion does a beautiful job of moisturising and soothing your skin. Thanks to moisture-boosting, skin-nourishing ingredients like ceramines, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.”

Distributor speaks

A distributor, Omeje Onovo of Omeruibe Enterprises, said that majority of the   moisturising creams in the market are doing well, especially those products which address skin irritation.

He, however, noted that Nivea, Dove, Aveeno, Olay, CeraVe AM are the preferred moisturising creams in the market today.

Expert speaks

A dermatologist, who simply gave her name as Arinke, who is into private practice, said:     “Taking care of your skin does not have to mean a complicated beauty routine: For many people, using a good facial cleanser, followed by a quality face moisturiser at least once a day, makes a huge difference. If you can cleanse and moisturize a second time at night, that is even better.

This type of routine is not only for women, men should follow essentially the same simple routine.   Although some face creams and other products are marketed specifically to men, anybody can use any product.”

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