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New Brunswick man shaves beard for Australian wildfires

An Australian man who now calls New Brunswick home has shaved his beard to help his homeland.

Lucas Menzie first spoke to Global News about his plans earlier in January.

He’s been growing the beard for seven years now, not for any particular reason but it’s become a part of him nonetheless.

“There’s not many bearded Australians around here,” Menize says with a laugh.

Seeing the wildfires on Australia compelled Menzie to do something.

“It kind of hits you when you see it,” he says, “if you’ve been to those places that are on fire.”

His family still lives in some of the affected areas.

“We were trying to see if we could get back there somehow and figured that wasn’t going to be feasible so we thought we’d try and raise some money for the injured wildlife there.”

And he did — nearly $7,800 so far through a GoFundMe page, all going straight to WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

“This is the easiest way I could do it I guess,” says Menzie, “and I think it’s time it comes off anyway.”

So they chose Jan. 26 as the day it would all go down: Australia Day.

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