NLS President, Ogunba backs Labour’s proposed strike over petrol subsidy

"Why should the masses be offered the wrong end of the stick all of the time?

“We ignore the obvious and the persistent impunity starring all of us in the eyes and fall for cheap government propaganda of subsidies to divert attention from the mis-governance and irresponsibility within the political class”

The President of The Nigerian Law Society (NLS), Mr. Kunle Ogunba SAN in a recent WhatsApp message notes that…”We all know what the problem is which is impunity, profligacy within government circles, ‘corruption’ simply put but we allow our cleavages (ethnic, socio-plotical connections, personal gains et al) to becloud our sense of judgement”

Agreeing with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC); the NLS President goes on to state that it is the innocent citizens who bear the brunt of the mis-governance and palpable impunity within government circles. He asks the question and further states:….”Why should the masses be offered the wrong end of the stick all of the time?. This government has clearly marked itself out as anti-masses from the onset. From the way it has set out with the phantom subsidy issue, it is clearly premeditated and unfortunate, it [the new government administration] didn’t conduct independent investigations of its own, no statistics of its own, no consultation whatever, no pretense to address the take home of those to be affected, it was just whimsically done on the first day, at the swearing in, where is that condoned in any part of the world?”.

Mr. Ogunba SAN goes on to suggest that there are low hanging fruits, steps the government could take to send a clear message of seriousness, and that it is no longer business as usual.

The learned silk notes that with all the brouhaha caused by the recent currency exchange, the first port of call for the new administration would have been to beam a searchlight on some of the perpetrators involved and who are still moving freely within us.

“There are cases of corruption in high places for instance where one government official who was recently found with over 80bn in his accounts and that of cronies.”

The NLS President; in rating the impact of the inaugural speech said that….”The inaugural address is drab and uninspiring and in the midst of it threw avoidable confusion in the polity by subsidy tantrums”. He goes on to add “Why the haste, if one may ask, why not properly settle down in the office first? The politicians are our major problem at our various levels of government and God will help us all out of their firm grip otherwise, we are all domed and no reasonable progress can be expected in the immediate and even in the foreseeable future!”.

Ogunba SAN however, sues for peace and patience, encouraging citizens to limit their movement and to avoid panic buying of fuel.

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