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Part of Donald Trump’s ‘virtually impenetrable’ border wall blows over, lands in Mexico

Part of Donald Trump‘s border wall had a great fall, and construction workers are trying to put it back together again.

Concrete used to anchor the nine-metre panels hadn’t had a chance to dry before high winds took out a new portion of the president’s infamous Mexico-California partition on Wednesday.

The government-sanctioned fence borders the town of Calexico, Calif., and the fallen portion is currently leaning on a group of trees in the Mexican town of Mexicali, local police confirmed to News 11.

Officials added that the incident happened just before 12 p.m. local time. Gusts of wind reaching 48 km/h were reported around the same time.

“Luckily, Mexican authorities responded quickly and were able to divert traffic from the nearby street,” border patrol agent Carlos Pitones told the Los Angeles Times.

The publication added that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was working to retrieve the fallen panels from Mexico to have them reinstalled.

“CBP will work with the construction contractor to mitigate the impact of high winds as construction continues,” Pitones said.

No injuries have been reported after the wall fell, and some not-so-big fans of Trump took to Twitter to share their amusement.

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer mocked the current president in a tweet that reads: “I own buildings. I’m a builder; I know how to build. Nobody can build like I can build. Nobody. And the builders in New York will tell you that. I build the best product.”

“Point and laugh everyone, just point and laugh,” immigrant advocate and writer Juan Escalante tweeted.

This part of the wall is just one section of an effort by the Trump administration to reinforce the 3,000-kilometre-long Mexico-U.S. border. Trump made a promise during his 2016 presidential campaign to build a wall to limit immigration into the country.

Trump visited a section of the wall in California last year, calling the creation “virtually impenetrable.”

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