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‘SNL’ jabs at Iowa, Trump’s acquittal in New Hampshire Democratic debate cold open

Saturday Night Live returned this week with a parody of Friday’s New Hampshire Democratic debate in their latest cold open.

The sketch opened with a scene of the debate’s moderator panel featuring SNL cast members Mikey Day, Ego Nwodim and Beck Bennett as ABC hosts and reporters, George Stephanopoulos, Linsey Davis and David Muir respectively.

Stephanopoulos, after dismissing Davis and Muir as “optics,” commented on this weeks events leading up the debate — the Iowa caucus disaster and U.S. President Donald Trump‘s impeachment acquittal, before introducing the debate’s participants, or as he calls them, “future MSNBC contributors.”

“You know, I’ll be honest … Iowa was a real kick in the nuts,” opened Joe Biden, played by actor Jason Sudeikis, who referenced his poor performance in Iowa.

“But i’m not worried at all because, you know, I’ll be honest — by the time we get to south Khakalacki, Joe Biden’s gonna do what Joe Biden does best — creep up from behind.”

Next was South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, played again by SNL cast member Colin Jost, who was asked who he thought won.

“Uh, Donald Trump,” said Buttigieg.

“I mean out of the Democrats,” clarified Stephanopoulos.

“Oh … then I guess me!” Buttigieg responded.

Bernie Sanders, who is once again reprised by comedian Larry David, interjects, complaining about the Iowa caucus “mess.”

“I can’t believe all this mess happened in Iowa because of an app,” said Sanders. “Hey, I have an idea for an app … It’s called no app!”

“No apps, no computers, no gadgets, no gizmos. You show up to your polling place, take a number like you do at the butcher, they call your ticket, walk up to the counter and say to the guy ‘give me a pound of whatever’s about to go bad.”

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