The effects of parental negligence of their children in higher institutions

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Owoeye Rachael Jummy

By Owoeye Rachael Jummy

In the past few years, Covid-19 has adversely plunged many countries’ economy into doldrums, resulting in hyper-inflation and subjecting the livelihood of the people below the expected standard of living.
Recent times, most people are barely striving, struggling and getting involved in all they could just to make ends meet. No doubt, we all can feel the heat of the economy.

Hence, amid the Economic disintegration,how well do parents/guidance take a cognizant time to oversee the daily activities of their progeny in higher institutions? Do we just turn blind eyes and conclude the progeny are adult s once they get admitted into higher institutions? Do we take cognizance of the pervasive consumption of drug abuse/hard substances by students in higher institutions?

To start with, drugs are meant to build not to destroy. However, recent outrage in the country, points to the very fact that most drugs have become severally abused and misused through wrongful and inappropriate application, thereby resulting in a National menace.

During my days in school, out of curiosity, I interrogated some groups of students who pressingly take pleasure and comfort in indulging in drug abuse and inappropriate use of hard substances. Compelling, I made use of quantitative research survey to gather my data. Aftermath of the research revealed that the respondents indulging in such act started due to peer pressure and negative social media influence, as a result, it made them vulnerable, adapted and addicted to such lifestyle. Some respondents further explained the reason they indulge in taking hard substance, which include; enhancement of sexual activities, to boost day-to-day activities such as laundry, exploring of body highness and peremptory.

Very closely related to this, during the compulsory class activities, such as Class presentations, Seminars and Project defence, some students are Glossophobic in nature, making them susceptible to fear in speaking in public. Therefore, in order to eliminate or ameliorate glossophobic anxiety, they result in taking hard substance to boost the supposed lack of inner confidence.
Quite hilariously, most of the them often get embarrassed during presentation since the hard substances has tampered with their mental capacity.
The use of hard substance is not limited to male students on campus. Awfully, most of our vibrant young beautiful ladies in higher institutions indulge in taking hard substances for different lame reasons. It is quite understandable that most parents are busy and working tirelessly in order to provide comfortable and luxurious life for their family. Nevertheless, do parenting end only in showering expensive luxurious life to your children or wards? How involved are you in your children day-to-day activities? I wouldn’t admonish you to indulge in being snoopy. Notwithstanding, how often do you as a parent check through the social media handles of your progeny in higher institutions, especially the female?

Owoeye Rachael Jummy

Relating to my experience in school, the rate in which our vibrant, promising, young ladies in their early 18s to 25s in higher institutions indulge in prostitution and hook-up is quite alarming and disheartening. Usually, there are observed noticeable changes in the lifestyle activities of some female colleagues compared to when they were freshly admitted into higher institutions. Inquisitively, l approached some of these ladies to find out the drastic change in traits. It was observed that most of them have poor orientation to differentiate between life reality and fiction. Some of them believed the only way they could fit in and stay relevant amidst colleagues is to indulge in a lascivious acts in order to feel accepted in the society.

Furthermore, most of those students in higher institutions, particularly females, do hide their real traits and identity while at home. They portrayed innocence in order to deceive parents into believing they were still the kind of person they were before being admitted into higher institutions. Incredulously, some female students in higher institutions buy and wear clothes that are totally different from the usual house outfits known by their parents such as revealing, short and skimpy dresses which hive lustful green lights to the male counterparts. I can attest to a case in which a supposed hijab -wearing sister derived pleasure in clubbing to the extent she resorted into jumping through the window to go to the club whenever the house lodge main door was locked. I bet, you would want to know what was under the hijab. Also, I have seen a scenario in which an active male preacher and female chorister counterpart were staying and living a couple’s life off campus which is totally different from the doctrine of their religion.

Briefly, let’s take a look at “family” as the main agent of socialization in psychology; much of what we acquire takes place in childhood in the formative years when one is still very much tied to the apron strings of the parents. This is so because in the primary socialization of their progeny, every member of the family and society should place a high priority and responsibility in assisting and ensuring the physical and mental well-being of progeny in higher institutions. Withal, Parents should monitor their children/wards activities.

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