Oromoni: ‘Produce your son in court’, Coroner tells father of alleged bully

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Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri, the Coroner handling the inquest into the death of Sylvester Oromoni, the 12 year old Dowen College who was allegedly bullied to death on Monday ordered the father of one of the bullies, Samuel Inyang to produce his son before the inquest, failure of which he will have not option to issue a summon on the boy(name withheld).

Mr Inyang, a trader, explained to the inquest that his son has been suffering from paroxysms since he visited the police station to give his statement concerning the death of his schoolmate. He said his son had paroxysm and can’t make it to the court.

He made this known while giving in the ongoing inquest to unravel the circumstances behind the death of the schoolboy. Mr Inyang explained that his son has been suffering from paroxysms since he visited the police station to give his statement concerning the death of his schoolmate.

During a cross-examination with Akin Goerge, a state lawyer, Mr Inyang explained that his son was invited to the police station to make a statement that.

Q: “Why didn’t you volunteer your statement in this deposition to the police?” The lawyer asked.

He replied that he wasn’t told to write a statement.

Q: “Are you satisfied with the position of the DPP (Department of Public Prosecution) on January 4, that exonerated your son?” The lawyer asked.

A: “Yes”

Q: “Where is your son? Mr Akinnimi asked.

A: “He is at home,” Mr Inyang answered.

Q: “You mentioned some medical conditions, are you a doctor?” The lawyer asked.

A: No.

Q: Do you have any medical papers to support your claim?”

A: No, he said.

Q: According to a statement you deposed to the court, you explained that his son had “paroxysm…and suffered shaking since he returned from the police. How did you come about that assertion in paragraph 17 in your statement on oath? Mr Goerge asked.

A: “When I discussed it with my lawyer then we came about it,” he replied.

Q: “You will agree with me it’s not that your son has no reason not to appear before this inquest?” Mr Akin asked.

A: I agree.

Mr Akinnimi however, objected to his colleague’s line of questioning, he insisted that the word paroxysm “is not a medical term.” but the court insisted that there isn’t any medical evidence to support the claim.

Earlier in the proceedings, the coroner had asked his lawyer, Olumide Akinnimi the relevance of the witness’ testimony to the court and why the schoolboy was not present to give his testimony.

But the lawyer said that “the father is testifying because his son is still experiencing trauma. He hasn’t been able to sleep.”

However, the coroner insisted Mr Inyang’s testimony wasn’t relevant to the ongoing inquest. “I will prefer the student himself and if you do not provide him, I will have to summon him,” the coroner said.

He added that the allegation is that the deceased was bullied, beaten and given a chemical substance to drink and the father isn’t directly involved in the matter because he isn’t the nurse, doctor or IPO, hence his testimony isn’t relevant to the inquest.

But Mr Akinnimi maintained that his witness is a competent person, and his testimony is important because he is an alibi. However, the coroner said that he can’t speak to the facts and circumstances of the death.

Further hearing is on March 14, 2022.

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