Online poll favours Adesina as next NBA President

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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The result of an online poll on who becomes the next President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) was published on Monday and the adopted candidate of the Egbe Amofin Oduduwa,  Dcn Dele Adesina SAN came first among the four contestants.

Apart from lawyers that voted, Adesina received 15 per cent votes form non lawyers, showing his acceptance by all Nigerians.

The result of the poll signed by Steve Sun is published below:


As per-scheduled, the #OPNBA Poll ceased and determined at 1900Hrs GMT on Monday, 17th February 2020.

We’ve received from both the winners and losers, complaints of voting by nonlawyers.

After careful evaluation of the evidence, it is our conclusion that the three major candidates received the following percentage of genuine/authentic votes:

15% or thereabouts of the votes received by Deacon Dele Adesina, came from nonlawyers..

10% or thereabouts of the votes received by Tunde Ajibade, came from nonlawyers.. while

5% or thereabouts of the votes received by Olumide Akpata, came from nonlawyers..

Accordingly, the candidates received the following number of votes respectively:

Deacon Dele Adesina SAN:

85% of 358 = 304.3

Tunde Ajibade SAN:

90% of 314 = 282.6

Olumide Akpata:

95% of 256 = 243.2

Overall, the Poll passed the “substantial compliance” test, and is hereby certified as authentic.

Big Congratulations therefore to Team Dele Adesina for their massive victory!

Congratulations to the runners up too for putting up a strong challenge.

A fuller version of this Judgment/Verdict will be delivered on a later date, with reasons for the Decision.????

Thanks and God bless.

Steve Sun?

Reacting to the poll, Adesina said;


I have just read the final result of the poll that ended at 19:00 hours, today the 17th of February, 2020. The result is heart-warming and the victory goes to each and every one of us. It is a product of our commitment, loyalty and dedication to the course that we all believe in and that is to secure the future of our Profession which many within and outside of the Profession say is under siege.

Confirmation of men is an affirmation of the confirmation of God. The majority of Nigeria Lawyers whether the Core Litigators in public or private sector or Commercial/ Corporate Practitioners, old or young, senior or junior, are buying-in, into the compelling objective of changing the face of our Profession which we are promising.

To the Core Litigators, there must be a way-out of delay and congestion in our Courts. Protection and promotion of Rule of Law and fundamental Rights of the citizens must be evident. Access to Court must be preserved. Orders and Judgments of our Courts must be effortlessly obeyed.

To the Commercial/ Corporate Practitioners, contractual agreements must be respected and binding between the contracting parties. Once there is a breach, sanctions in form of damages must follow. In the event of a recourse to arbitration as may be agreed to by the contracting parties, resultant arbitral award must be respected and accepted as binding. Arbitration/Mediation should not be the first step towards another protracted and unending litigation as they are presently are.

To the senior members of the Bar, the desire to bequeath a promising Profession to their younger ones cannot be over-emphasized for this is a legitimate aspiration. Remember, success without a successor is failure. To the young and junior members of our Profession with vision, focus and determination to succeed, the system must not place a limit to their ambition.They must not continue to be victims of a situation they did not create.

This is why we are involved and together we shall make things happen for our Profession.

We are confident of victory because our aspiration is guided by sincere love for our Profession, honesty of purpose and patriotism to our country. Let me assure you all of you that are working together with me on this project that there are many more that are for us than those that are against us.

From Dele Adesina SAN,
Past General-Secretary, NBA
Life Member, Distinguished Body of Benchers

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