Memories, encomiums as Christ’s School Alumni celebrate Ekiti commissioner

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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For members of the class of 79 – 84 of Christ’s School, Ado Ekiti Alumni Association, it was a joyous occasion and a time to share memories of their school days on Friday when they gathered at the Delight Hotel, Ado Ekiti.

The gathering was to celebrate one of them, Niyi Adebayo, an accomplished banker and chartered accountant, who was recently appointed by the governor of Ekiti State, Biodun Oyebanji, as the Commissioner for Budget, Economic Planning and Performance Management.

Apart from coming in their numbers to the reception in Adebayo’s honour, Christ’s School Alumni members from other sets including the Worldwide President, Kunle Lawal Jinadu, and as well friends, were at hand to grace the august event.

As members mounted the podium to speak, there were mementos of their school days and activities which kept the hall reeling in laughter amid thunderous ovations.

79/84 Set Chairman, Olu Hector Fowobaje, said the get-together “is to celebrate a remarkable achievement within our ranks. This celebration not only recognizes the individual achievements of our classmate, but also symbolizes the collective success of our entire batch.

“Our classmate, who we once knew as a young and ambitious student, has now risen to a position of significant responsibility. His journey from our hallowed Agidimo hills to this prestigious role represents the embodiment of the principles we share and hold dear.

“Our alma mater was more than just a place of learning; it was a crucible that forged the friendships and memories that have stood the test of time.

“It nurtured our dreams, instilled in us the values of hard work, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. It is these very values that have shaped the lives of our fellow classmate, who has now been appointed as a Commissioner for our great state by the Governor.

“In the annals of our shared history, this accomplishment stands as a testament to the dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment of one of our own.

“We are a testament to the fact that the values and education we received in our formative years have equipped us to make meaningful contributions to society. Our accomplishments, both as a class and as individuals, continue to shine brightly.

“As we gather here this afternoon, let us not only revel in the pride of our classmate’s achievement, but also take this moment to reflect on our shared journey. Let this occasion be a reminder of the enduring bonds we’ve built and the importance of staying connected. We must continue to support and inspire each other as we venture forward in our individual pursuits.”

Christ’s School Alumni Worldwide President, Kunle Lawal Jinadu, said, “We are Christ’s School people and the spirit of Christ’s School is to celebrate ourselves. As a group and then when an individual attains certain level in life, we celebrate ourselves.

“Today is about Niyi Adebayo, who has been appointed a commissioner in Ekiti State and his set came together to celebrate him. This coincided with the period of our yearly homecoming. For that reason, I have the privilege of being part of it. I take it as our own thing because of the way we celebrate ourselves”.

Jinadu, who lauded Governor Oyebanji for the appointment and his crave for round pegs in round holes, however, advised Adebayo to “watch your back, watch what you do, stand for the truth and do the right things all the time”.

An alumna, Mrs Bola Olawunmi, who said Adebayo had virtues that stood him out, advised him to work in ways that would make him exceptional and “put your marks on the sand of time”.

An appreciative Adebayo, who thanked his classmates for the reception said, “For me, it is a feeling of elation, feeling of excitement, feeling of appreciation on my part from this very thoughtful and very generous gesture from my classmates.

“It is actually interesting and very encouraging to have your classmates put together this kind of reception in your honour not expecting anything from you, but just to say we are with you and we are expressing solidarity and we thank God for how far he has brought you as a professional.

The commissioner, who said the gesture showed his classmates and indeed schoolmates were not leaving him alone, assured that he would continue to be a good ambassador.

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