NBA, LawPavillion partnership offer lawyers legal research tool, ‘primsol’

Ogunsakin Mustapha
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The President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mr. Olumide Akpata at the weekend, unveiled the association’s partnership with the foremost LegalTech company, LawPavilion to provide ‘an efficient legal research tool (“Primsol”)’ to members of the association.

This Partnership, according to the President, is the Association’s way of enhancing legal research and the overall practice of its members. Speaking on the partnership, Ope Olugasa, the Managing Director of LawPavilion Business Solutions described the partnership as the LegalTech giant’s “Biggest Promo Ever”.

He explained that through this partnership, beneficiaries will enjoy up to 97% discount off the annual subscription price for its flagship product, LawPavilion Primsol and to even top that, beneficiaries will also have easy access to mobile legal research via LawPavilion on WhatsApp.

He observed that although the partnership amounted to up to 97% discount off one of its flagship products – LawPavilion Primsol; it is the company’s way of showing empathy with Africa’s largest bar and the legal industry as a whole, on the recent chequered 3-fold disruption: Covid, #EndSars and JUSUN Strike that has assailed the legal industry and lawyers’ means of livelihood.
Shedding light on the nature of the partnership, Olugasa explained that the beneficiaries of this year’s partnership, just like last year, include legal practitioners between 1 – 7 years post-call, who have paid their practicing fees and branch dues on or before 31st of March, 2021. This category will be entitled to the NBA-LawPavilion professional leverage package for free.

He expatiated that this year’s partnership also includes other legal practitioners that are 8 years and above post-call who have paid their annual bar practicing fees and branch dues as and when due. This other category, he explained, have the coupon to subscribe to the NBA-LawPavilion professional leverage package at up to 97% discount.

Olugasa further disclosed that the product offering for this year’s partnership is also more extensive, to accommodate all areas of legal research needs of both litigation and commercial legal practitioners. He described what LawPavilion is offering beneficiaries of this partnership as ‘holistic legal research tool’.

He explicated that beyond law report as we know it, the beneficiaries will have access to analytics, Precedents Forms and Agreements Templates with insight notes, Rules of Court, Regulations of the different MDAs in Nigeria, Commercial High Court Cases and Arbitration Rules, among others as well as the easy access to mobile legal research via WhatsApp.

Ope reiterated that the robust access that this partnership offers is the company’s way of demonstrating its readiness to work with the legal industry for a tech-driven rebound.
Ope appealed to all legal practitioners to take advantage of this unique package for Professional Leverage, as championed by the NBA, to avoid being left behind in the cutting edge 21st Century legal practice. He opined that as the Association strives to ensure all members are at par with the current trends in global development, each practitioner should endeavour to leverage on this opportunity to remain relevant in the scheme of practice.
While pointing out that the coupon can only be activated from 23rd August to 6th October 2021, Ope recalled that some of the beneficiaries from last year’s partnership didn’t cash in on the opportunity on time. He enjoins persons eligible for the partnership to visit or go to the NBA’s website to confirm their status and activate their accounts to take full advantage of the partnership before it times out.

When asked if LawPavilion is open to more partnership, Ope confirmed yes. He talked about how despite the fact that LawPavilion has been championing legaltech and technology driven legal service delivery in Africa for over 15 years during which Judges and Legal luminaries have come to rely heavily on LawPavilion for their legal research needs, it has never rested on its oars. He espoused that the Company’s mandate is to digitally transform Africa’s legal sector, starting with Nigeria and re-affirmed that commitment. He highlighted how LawPavilion has recently partnered with Lagos State Government on the e-publishing of their Laws as well as Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) and some major Law Faculties of Universities in Nigeria, on the e-publishing and online sales of their textbooks and journals.

In the same vein, the Chairman, NBA National Welfare Committee Y.C Maikyau, SAN, FCIArb(UK) has commended the President of the NBA, Mr. Olumide Akpata, and the Managing Director of LawPavilion, Mr. Ope Olugasa on the successful brokering of this partnership. He also expressed his thanks to the members of the National Welfare Committee for their resourcefulness and efforts.

The Learned Silk enunciated how, through this deal, the President has yet demonstrated his commitment to the professional development and welfare of the Association’s members, especially the younger colleagues.
He congratulated the entire members of the NBA on this subsidy and urged them to take gainful advantage of same to improve their practice.

We also spoke to Mr. Tobi Adebowale, the Chairman of the Young Lawyers Forum of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA-YLF) over the weekend. He expressed his gratitude to the NBA President, Mr. Olumide Akpata and the Management of LawPavilion, for this partnership to provide free subscription to LawPavilion Primsol for young lawyers. He also expressed delight over the introduction of additional features such as access to legal research through WhatsApp. He emphasized the NBA-YLF’s belief that access to legal research remains one of the most effective ways to support the growth and professional development of young lawyers. He urged all young lawyers to maximize the all-encompassing package now made available to young lawyers.

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